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I have already discussed on here how our mind and bodies are intrinsically linked. Each able to affect the other profoundly. 

You can read about how this works with pain here 

It can also be very powerful when used in the area of fertility.

Many Quest trained Cognitive Hypnotherapists specialise in different areas. I don't specialise in Fertility but I know a man who does!

Russell Davis is a very experienced 'Questie' who I would highly recommend. The following text is off his website. Click on the banner below to go there and see how he can help you. 

Reproduction is one of our most delicately balanced biological systems (e.g. the precise cocktail of hormones required).  Stress, limiting thoughts and beliefs can all affect fertility and conception, reducing your chance of getting pregnant whether naturally or with infertility treatment.  Infertility itself can be a source of great stress.  The good news is that you can improve your fertility and IVF success rates naturally.

Your thoughts and emotions directly impact your body and your fertility. You may have noticed when you are embarrassed you feel warmer and your face may go red, or have you ever woken up from a nightmare in a cold sweat?  These are examples of how your mind and body are one system.  You can harness this to improve your fertility.

You can even use your mind to change your body, for healing illness and injury. The Fertile Mind® guides your unconscious to create the changes in your mind and body you need to improve your fertility naturally and maximise your ability to get pregnant.  The programs support both female infertility and male infertility and wonderfully compliment other infertility treatment such as IUI, IVF, ICSI and GIFT as well as other holistic treatment you may be using to improve your fertility such as acupuncture.