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1. A newsletter and a free download

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2. A chance to relax

Some of us find it a bit tough to relax. To wind down from the stresses of day to day life. Often traditional approaches to relaxation don't really hit the mark.

This download is a relaxation track with a difference. It allows you to find your own relaxing place. It also leaves you in a positive state of mind at the end. 

There's something else about this relaxation track - it is brilliant for getting babies and young children to sleep (don't ask me why or how because I have no idea! I just know it works)

Because of leaving you in a positive state of mind it can also be really good for kids who are between 6 and 13 who are having nightmares or bad dreams. If they listen before they go to sleep it can allow them to have a peaceful night. I have at least three children this has helped in this way. 

And it's free!

So why not click here and get a copy for yourself

3. A bedtime story when your kid is suffering from fears

This bedtime story is a pdf file you can download and print. As well as being an amusing little story to tell your kids it also has an important lesson - it teaches them to deal with their fears. This is a lesson that can work on many different fears but this story is all about fear of monsters. Click on the picture to get the pdf