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This video teaches you some techniques for coping when you are highly stressed or anxious

In everyday life most of us experience varying degrees of anxiety. Maybe we have an interview or a big presentation to do. Maybe we are meeting someone for the first time. Or maybe just getting out of the front door is enough to make us anxious.

The feeling of nervousness or anxiety is driven from our subconscious. Believe it or not it is attempting to protect us. You might wonder how getting nervous before an interview is protection. Or even how getting nervous about stepping out the front door is useful

Think back to the stone age where we had to hunt.If you came across a predator such as a sabre toothed tiger, then you didn’t have time to evaluate the best option, so run a brainstorming session on the best approach to take. You had to react and do it instantly.So you had 3 choices

  1. Fight – go for it! All-out fight the beastie
  2. Flight – leg it as fast as you can and hope you’re faster than your fellow hunters (let’s face it as long as you can outrun them you don’t need to worry as much about the sabre toothed tiger)
  3. Freeze – don’t move, stay totally still and hope it doesn’t notice you

Each of these responses would be an instant choice based on circumstance but would require a physiological response to make possible.

An increase in heart rate, blood and adrenalin flowing through your system, breathing shorter, ready to give you a burst of physical super juice to allow you to survive. 

Do those sound familiar?

What happens when you get really nervous? Do you think about it logically first or do you find that you notice the physical symptoms first?

In the absence of sabre toothed tigers in modern society, our subconscious is still trying to protect us by putting us into fight, flight or freeze mode when it perceives a threat. 

I can help you get over the emotional hijacking that happens when you get anxious or stressed and free you to choose to behave however you want to behave. Just call or drop an email to