Dawn Walton, MSc.Psych,DipCHyp,MNLP,MBPsS

Email Dawn@thinkitchangeit.com or phone UK 07734113830

Speaker request

From 20 to 2000 people, I can deliver an entertaining and informative talk. As a keynote speaker, or one of a lineup, I will change the way your audience thinks and leave them with practical changes they can make from that moment onwards. If you are interested, just complete the form below. 

Enjoyed Dawn’s informal style and a personable and practical approach to imparting some of the finer lessons of life: not to care too much about what others think and do what feels right and good. Many of us could relate to Dawn’s personal experience and, and alongside her, also see the light at the end of the tunnel.
I work at a secondary school in Edinburgh which run an annual Health & Wellbeing day for all s1-s3 pupils. After reading Dawn’s book (Diary of a teenage mind reader) I was eager to get in touch with her and find out if she would be interested in delivering a session for the kids. Thankfully she was up for the challenge and the preparation she put into it and the energy she put into her sessions far exceeded my expectations! She delivered 3 talks consecutively to each year group and helped students to begin to understand the basis of many mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and low self esteem. Pupils learned how our brains are working on an outdated set of rules that come from the caveman days, and how these outdated rules get in the way of their day to day life.Dawn has delivered numerous talks in her career to adults, however I was amazed and how she really tailored her talks to suit the audience and used anecdotes throughout that pupils could really relate to. Dawn had an incredibly positive response from all pupils who were really engaged and showed a genuine interest - if only I could have this in all my classes!!! Pupils left the sessions having learned some practical tips to overcome these outdated caveman rules as well as strategies they could adopt to store and retrieve information depending on their learning style to improve their approach to studying. Overall, it was a fantastic experience having Dawn deliver talks at my school for both teachers and pupils.
You very rarely find speakers who speak for their audience not themselves. Dawn is one of these speakers. I asked Dawn along to speak at an event I was running and she had the audience engaged, intrigued, and asking for more. The feedback from those who attended was outstanding and they all got something from Dawn's talk. I would have no hesitation in working with Dawn again or recommending her to anyone.