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This isn't a menu card. 

We are all unique and affected by things in different ways. 

For example, take twin sisters. Both six years old. Both have a part to play in a school play. 

With her parents in the audience watching, the first little girl (girl A) nervously walks onto the stage. And she trips up and does a comedy stumble to the middle.The audience laughs. The little girl looks out at the laughing faces and thinks "They are all laughing at me. This is horrible. I just want to run away" She runs off the stage crying and her subconscious logs that event under "Things I don't want to do again - must protect".

Meanwhile it is now the second girls turn (girl B). She also walks on to stage nervously, trips and does a comedy stumble. She looks out at the laughing faces and thinks "They are all laughing at me. This is great. I must work out how I can do it again!" She continues on to perform and her subconscious logs that event under "Things I love doing".

In later years when Girl A has to do a presentation for work, she can't understand why it makes her so nervous that she gets sick. Her subconscious is still protecting her. Whereas Girl B has been seeking out opportunities to perform ever since. 

We all define our own realities based on what our experiences mean to us. What I will do is work with you to understand why you are behaving in a certain way. Working with your subsoncious we will use that knowledge to reframe the emotion around that reason so that the triggers for those behaviours go away 

Examples of how I can help:

  1. Reframe any issue from your childhood that may be making your life a struggle. This includes issues with confidence, low self esteem/self worth/ feeling unloved or unloveable. I am a big supporter of ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and belong to my local forum.
  2. Help you get rid of a phobia such as heights, flying, needles, birds, fear of death or anything that causes you to have lots of anxiety.
  3. Help you overcome addictions and behavioural challenges such as binge eating.
  4. Help you deal with work situations more effectively including public speaking, dealing with difficult colleagues or self belief

Why not email me and we can arrange to have a chat about how I might be able to help you?


Due to experiencing significant transformation after an abusive childhood, I specialise in helping you overcome childhood trauma and abusive childhoods.