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These days it is possible to charge devices wirelessly.

It is possible to send a broadband signal down your electricity lines.

Many of us spend a big part of our day talking on your mobile phones using a wireless signal.

Energy is everywhere in different forms. This includes in our bodies.

A book that helped me understand this is called "The Biology of Belief" by Bruce Lipton

Lipton is a scientist who came to realise that there was a lot more to the way our body works than just cell interactions. 

Half way through the book and I could have learnt all about cell structure. I say “could” because it was actually way too much info on a subject I am not particularly qualified to understand. So I kind of flicked through it.

But then on page 61 I read something that made sense of it all and I had a light bulb moment in understanding how it applies to Cognitive Hypnotherapy

Let me share with you because it was totally an “Oh my god!” moment when I read it.

In his early days at Uni, Lipton talks about how his professor told him that one of the most fundamental things he needed to understand about cell biology is “It’s the environment stupid!” i.e. the behaviour of the cell is influenced way more by the environment than it is by any internal factors.

The second thing that is key is that traditionally scientists believed the nucleus was the brain of a cell but you can actually destroy the nucleus and the cell will continue to live normally for a good couple of weeks. The reality, Lipton discovered is that one or more cells are surrounded by a membrane that is actually the brain. It controls the communication of environmental factors through to the cell (or protects the cell from the same environmental factors) If that dies, the cell dies.

So what the heck has this got to do with anything? Isn’t it all about genetics after all? Well not really, DNA is like a blueprint for a car. Once the car is built, the blueprint is not so useful. It’s now all about the driver.

Once our bodies are “built”, keeping them running is all about the energy and the environment. How does our body get signals on how to run? What is the environment to our cells? Well our unconcious brain controls all of that. Through those thoughts, communication happens via the cell membrane to control cell behaviour.

Ding ding ding! This is why belief is so powerful to both healing and to inhibiting healing or leading to illness. We are all familiar with the countless studies with placebo that show sugar tablets can work as effectively as the “real” thing because of that belief. We have heard stories about how belief has cured cancer.

Our brains control the flow of energy to our cells. Simple.

There was another thing in the book that I found really fascinating and this is about the problems with traditional medicine. When you take a tablet it applies to your whole body, rather than a specific target. The example Lipton gave was a histamine. If we are irritated by something like poison ivy, the histamine in our body causes the itchy inflammation – but note – only in the area affected by the poison ivy. Anti-histamine drugs when taken go in our whole body. 

So when something like adrenalin (a super power in our bodies) detects histamine it goes into protection mode and is capable of switching off the histamine. In the modern day, a state of heightened stress can force this adrenalin override (although most of us are not running away from sabre toothed tigers any more). This is why, a common thing to find when you work in a stressful job, is that when you stop for a holiday you get ill.

Anyway, back to the point, in the same way as a mobile phone signal works, this is invisible energy. This is why alternative therapies such as accupuncture/pressure, Reiki etc have been so effective in addressing health issues. There are no nasty side effects because they are not a panacea solution.

In conclusion, it totally makes sense that by working with the unconscious we can heal the physical body. If after all “It’s the environment stupid” and our brain defines that environment.