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How to significantly boost your willpower in just 7 days

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Did you know that the brain is like a muscle? You can train it to be stronger and more in control. 

Each day you start with a fresh container full of willpower points. As you go through the day you spend them to get stuff done. It might start with something small like getting out of bed when the alarm rings or something bigger like getting yourself down to the gym.

As you do stuff that requires self-control or willpower you spend your willpower points.

Did you know the pre-frontal cortex needs energy to function? So if you are tired or your blood sugar is low then you literally can't think clearly which means you can't exert self-control. 

Ever noticed how much harder it is to resist stuff at the end of the day? It’s because your container of willpower points is empty so you default back to your primal brain – your subconscious. 

In this programme I will train your brain to start the day with more willpower points to spend. This means that you won't run out as quickly and will find it easier to resist stuff. 

"I found the Willpower Workout very powerful, moving from 57% to 100% in the space of a week. I feel more focused and motivated than I have for sometime. Thanks Dawn, I will be recommending it to my friends"

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