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Stress is something pretty much all of us experience at some point in our lives - whether it is in the workplace or in your personal life. 

Stress costs

To a company it costs because it leads to illness and salary costs for staff that are not there or the challenges in finding replacements

Personally it can cost you your health and your relationships. 

So I have a solution. Di-stress to De-stress parties.

Think of them like a Tuppaware party but without the Tuppaware!

  • Someone invites their friends round to their house for coffee and cake or drinks and nibbles or I come along to your office during lunchtime or a convenient time for up to 10 people to gather in a room together. 
  • I deliver a short talk about the way the subconscious works and the brain works with some ideas on how you can apply that knowledge. 
  • I then spend about 10 minutes talking you into a relaxed state. This is not you being hypnotised - if anything it is me teaching you how to relax yourself. 
  • While relaxed I anchor a positive feeling so you can call on it whenever you need to once I have left. 
  • I give out some downloads on my shiny credit card sized USB drives 
  • Everybody feels less stressed





If you would like to organise a Di-stress to De-stress party at your home or workplace and are within an hour to an hour and a half of Dundee just email

The first party is FREE!