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A phobia is essentially an anxiety or fear of an object or event based on a perceived risk.

Apparently the top 2 phobias we have in the UK are of spiders and snakes which is interesting because there are very few snakes in the UK and no poisonous spiders. Clearly our subconscious has got some genetic predisposition to protect us from danger. This genetic coding has never really been updated to account for a life of computers instead of sabre tooth tigers!

Most therapeutic disciplines have an approach to helping people get over a phobia. 

In Cognitive Hypnotherapy we would most likely use something called a Fast Phobia Cure. First you would recall the event that triggered the phobia or to recall a memory where you were feeling the fear. The only uncomfortable part of this experience is the start, where to ensure we fully overcome the phobia, we need you to be fully immersed in the fear. You would then visualise the event on a movie screen while I guide you  through varying the speed, colour and association of the clip until the fear has gone a few minutes later.

It is a remarkably simple and effective approach. In fact, it is so effective and so simple that you may feel a bit surprised at the end when you realise how well it’s worked.

Sometimes a person may not be aware of why they have a particular phobia. In this case we can use another Cognitive Hypnotherapy technique to talk to your subconscious and find the event its basing its fear on. Once we’ve found it, we just go through the steps above.

I have helped people with various phobias but it's probably better to hear from the people that I've helped.


Read how I helped Clare with her needle phobia when she was pregnant and it was causing her a lot of anxiety

Phobia testimonial from Carly

For as long as I can remember I've had a fear of ghosts and of the dark. When I started a new job which required me to work lone night shifts I thought I'd try it out and see how I got on.Well.... I trembled with fear the whole night, for me the hours between 10pm and 6am were the worst hours where I thought bad things could happen! I was in tears and longed for the shift to be over. 

I went online to find someone who may be able to help me over come these fears. I met with Dawn just days after our first contact and spent 25-30 minutes in my hypnotherapy session.

On leaving I was sceptical about if it would work or not.

Around 2 weeks later I worked night shift again and to my surprise I was free of any fears! Before meeting with Dawn I was unable to walk round the building I work in and was confined to the office between 10pm and 6am, whereas after my hypnotherapy session I found myself walking round the building and going in to rooms without putting the light on just for fun!

I really would recommend Dawn to others. Thank you Dawn!