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Have you ever felt stuck? 

You know how it is, you're doing everything you can to balance family and work but nothing seems to be clicking into place. You find yourself feeling increasingly low and frustrated and can't really see a way out. 

Sometimes we lose sight of what is important to us. We take actions on the things we feel are the right things to do without realising that maybe, they are not the things that bring us the most personal fulfillment. 

I have spent years in business, helping companies and individuals to map out where they want to go in a structured way, and then helping them get there. 

Since I learnt Cognitive Hypnotherapy I have expanded my toolkit to allow me to be even more effective in this approach. 

Instant positive feeling

Here is a short YouTube clip to help you create a pressure point which will allow you to instantly recall a positive feeling whenever you need it. 

You can learn all about my coaching approach by visiting my coaching website Think Change Become