What does it mean?

No doubt a number of you have New Year’s Resolutions. 

No doubt a number of you will break your New Year’s Resolutions through the year at some point. 

Have you ever wondered why they are so hard to stick to? 

Have you ever questioned what it will mean if you achieve them. 

So ask yourself these questions

  1. What will you gain if you achieve X resolution? 
  2. What will you lose if you achieve X resolution?
  3. What will you not gain if you achieve X resolution?
  4. What will you not lose if you achieve X resolution?

Let me give you an example

“I want to lose weight this year”

1. I will gain self confidence. I will be able to wear clothes I like rather than ones that fit

2. I will lose the protection of my weight as an excuse for why I don’t like myself. 

3. I will not gain a sense of self worth. I will not gain a new job or a new life. I might not gain happiness. 

4. I will not lose my friends and family. I will not lose the stresses and strains of daily life. 

So look at what you are resolving to achieve this year and test it out with these 4 questions. It’s not too late to revise, replace or even scrap any resolutions that aren’t really going to help you achieve your true goals in life. 

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