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Are gastric bands cruel?

Food. The only addiction you can’t get over by abstaining.

A gastric band (surgery or hypnosis based) is a technique that physically reduces the size of the stomach so you can’t physically eat as much.

As a result of eating less, you lose weight.

Very simple. Sounds like an easy solution doesn’t it? Take away the need for willpower and have the decision made for you by a physical driver.

But whilst the physical has changed, nothing has changed in your mind.

You still want to eat, you just physically can’t.

And that can lead to the stories you hear about people liquidising Mars bars. Or where you see someone who lost a massive amount of weight after a gastric band but eventually put it back on.

A Gastric band, whether physical or hypnotic, turns the food into the enemy and the body into a battle ground.

It can work really well. I can see why it’s a really appealing option.

In my opinion it’s quite cruel though.

Wouldn’t it be more effective to work with the head first? To change your thinking so you didn’t want to eat as much? To break the connection with food so that it doesn’t mean anything on an emotional level. To reframe it in your head so that food is nothing more than fuel and you can choose to eat as much or as little as you need to live healthily.

Wouldn’t it be great to break the connection with food so that each mouthful you took became ok instead of another reason to feel guilty?

It is possible. You just have to start with the mind instead of starting with the physical.

…and you can imagine how wonderful it feels when you first put your fork down when food is left on the plate because you know you are full and don’t want to eat any more.

…and how good it is for you when you find that you are choosing to eat a piece of fruit instead of a piece of chocolate.

…and how many other things you can do with your life if your primary driver was no longer what you can’t eat but more about what you want to eat.

Any Cognitive Hypnotherapist can help you achieve this, something that probably sounds pretty hard to beleive to many of you reading this. I can help you achieve this. Just email dawn@thinkitchangeit.com or check out my website

The captain in your head

Have you ever seen one of those films where you go inside someone’s head and there is a little flight crew in there with a captain, control panels etc?

You see, up to 90% of our day is spent on autopilot. We operate in a trance state. We don’t need to think about moving, breathing, eating. We don’t need to think about locking the door when we leave the house. We don’t even need to think too much when we are driving about the lights changing or giving way at a junction.

We just kind of do it without too much conscious effort in most circumstances. 

In most circumstances… 

Because sometimes our subconscious is driving us in a way that we wouldn’t consciously choose. 

The captain in charge seems to have a different set of priorities to you and so in some circumstances you might find that you are having to make way more of a conscious effort than you would normally. 

Maybe it’s around food. The captain in your head takes you towards eating when you’re not really hungry. It seems to want you to grab a pile of food and eat until you feel sick. It loads up your dinner plate and makes you keep going until it’s clear. “You” don’t want to do that but yet somehow you did. And so instead of operating on autopilot you are constantly trying to override and take control.

It can be tiring. 

Maybe it’s around smoking. The captain in your head has you reaching for a cigarette without you even realising it. You try and stop it but somehow it is hard to maintain the level of effort required to constantly override it. I saw this video recently and it really brought it home to me

The captain in your head is often following a different master to you. And because it is in control it has all the power. 

Sometimes you need to work out who the captain in your head is. Sometimes you need to work who has the power. Maybe food, maybe cigarettes. Maybe a person from your past. Maybe a person in your present.

Often we give the power over to the captain in our head and feel that we don’t have a say in the matter. 

But we always do. We can be the person who directs the captain in our head in the same way as we do all day every day for moving, breathing, sleeping. 

So if you need some help with taking the power back why not check out my website or drop me an email to dawn@thinkitchangeit.com and we’ll see what we can do


Weight loss without willpower?

We’ve all heard the adverts haven’t we?

Eat what you want and lose weight!

And we try it because we really want to believe that losing weight can be easy. That we can still enjoy food even though we are “dieting”. 

And you know, food is one of the few addictions you can’t get over by just abstaining from it. We always have to eat. 

Yet people think it’s easy – just stop eating so much. 

Food is an addiction. It can have meaning to us. It might comfort us, ease stress. Maybe we have deep-rooted reasons for wanting to keep our bodies overweight – it protects us. 

For those that struggle with weight it is rarely as simple as just eating less. 

And so we try diets. Things which confuse our bodies. They adapt to the change in food – sometimes thinking that they need to slow down and conserve food because we are in survival mode. And we take a day or a week “off the diet” because of a special event and our body responds “quick stock up there may be another period of low food coming soon”.

And eventually the diet becomes really hard to maintain and life gets in the way so we stop counting, watching, limiting and just eat. And the weight we lost goes back on – and some. 

We know diets don’t work. 

Changing your life works. Changing you behaviour works. Changing your head works. 

There is a product on the market called Thinking Slimmer, which doesn’t require you count calories or points or anything. It doesn’t send you prepackaged meals. It is just a 10 minute track that you listen to every night. 

As you listen it talks to your subconscious and reminds it of the behaviours it knows but may have forgotten. How to notice when you are full and stop eating. How there are other things that you would prefer to spend your day doing instead of eating. How eating is secondary to your life not the main thing. How you can choose a healthier option if you want to. How you can choose to burn off the energy created by what you eat. 

10 minutes listening every day. That’s all it takes. 


Well it worked for me


4 years ago when I was pregnant
1 year ago after an 8 mile run in the rain

4 months ago.

I still have more to lose – but I’m getting there.

If you want my help with losing weight or any other issues check out my website and/or drop an email to dawn@thinkitchangeit.com

Who do you see?

Who do you see when you look in the mirror?

Where do those thoughts come from that interpret the image you see before you?

Is it your voice that is speaking? If not, who’s voice is it?

If you are thinking negative thoughts, take a moment to ask yourself

Is it really true?

Can you be absolutely sure it is true?

What would happen if it wasn’t true?

What would happen if you look in the mirror and see the same as other people see – what would they say? 

If it wasn’t you but someone else you really cared about looking in the mirror, saying those things, what would you say to them?


If you need help with self-esteem or weight issues, why not browse my website or just drop me an email to dawn@thinkitchangeit.com