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Are you ready for permanent change that you control?

How often have you spent money on weight loss and fitness plans, lost weight and then put it all back on again (and some) when you stopped following the programme

EMERGENCE is a new approach to weight loss and self-esteem that uses the principles of Neuroplasticity to guide you to change yourself – permanently.

It is 4 week self-paced programme with live expert support to help you permanently change your relationship with food and yourself.

This programme will deliver permanent change, tailored to you, for a one off payment. It puts the power back in your hands – empowering you to change yourself. Gone are the days where you have to pay out weekly or monthly, only to find that when you stop paying, the changes also stop

Here’s how it works…

Following the programme:
The programme is delivered over 4 weeks into your email so you can fit it around your day-to-day life. Blocks start at set times through the year and are strictly limited to 20 people so fully personalised support can be provided

More than just an email:
Each email will come with simple explanation videos so you will always understand why you are doing what you are doing. Each task will be supported by a powerful MP3 track that helps with each stage of your journey.

Fully supported:
Online logs will be used to track progress and provide personalised feedback from an expert as you experience changes. As long as you work through the programme in the 4 week block you will always have someone there to answer questions and make sure it’s working as well as it can for you.

Just a one-off payment of £99 to cover the whole programme

Yes, I want to start changing today 

(No money will be taken by following this link. Once you’ve registered,  you’ll be sent a link for payment)

100% of people who have taken the programme would recommend it to a friend
“The most exciting change was not binging on food, it was a relief to stop eating. The guilt has stopped too because I’m not bringing anymore. Words can’t describe my gratitude.”

“Awareness of my emotions and the function of food as a safety tool. How the subconscious works was fascinating too.”

“Not feeling emotional when i eat just seeing it as fuel”

“I’ve stopped turning to chocolate and crisps and my portion sizes have decreased dramatically”

“I feel I know the real me the one that’s been hiding and my life has stopped revolving around food ! “

Yes, I want to start changing today 

*The programme starts on the 7th of January, 2019. Spaces are limited to 20 people per block. 
*As spaces are limited they will be allocated on a first come first served basis. Completing the form will ensure you are registered to complete the programme.
Will it really work in only 4 weeks?
Yes. This programme uses an understanding of how the brain works around addiction and anxiety to guide you to permanently change the way you think. Once a change has been made it can’t be undone. It may take longer than 4 weeks for you to experience all of the changes, but the groundwork will be done during the programme. 

What happens if I need more help with other stuff after?
Sometimes there is more going on than your relationship with food and others. In this case there will be one-to-one sessions available at the end of the programme at a significantly discounted rate. Change is always possible. 

I’m not very technical. Will I be able to follow it?
As long as you can receive and respond to emails, and have a smartphone, tablet or laptop that will allow you to play audio files, then you can do this programme. That is all that is needed. 

Do I have to stop all my other programmes?
Sometimes people are doing other weekly programmes such as Slimming World, Lighter Life or something else. They won’t conflict with this programme although you may find that you don’t see the point of spending money on them any more as you progress.
The programme is delivered via emails. Please ensure you are capable of receiving and responding to emails for the next 4 weeks BEFORE you sign up. The programme can not be paused.
At many stages you will receive an MP3 audio to listen to. This is a critical part of the programme. Please make sure you have access to a device capable of playing MP3 audio files BEFORE you sign up.
Because of the one-to-one structure of the programme, it will be run at pre-allocated times throughout the year. It will be run with a block of people. There can be NO MORE THAN 20 PEOPLE IN A BLOCK.

Overcoming food addiction

I have been lucky enough to have a couple of articles posted lately on some pretty major websites.

The first was on the Huffington Post US site. You can read it here. The Huffington Post Facebook page has nearly 5 million likes.

The second was on Wake Up World, which is an Australian site but has a global reach with over 2 million Facebook likes. You can read it here.

But this post is not about that.

This post is about Phil.

phil before and after

Phil is a financial advisor based up in Aberdeen. I started working with Phil just before Christmas 2014.

Phil is a great supporter of what I do. Every time I get an article out there or write a blog post, Phil shares it. When he hears friends struggling, he suggests that I can help.

The thing that really makes me smile is that every time Phil shares one of my posts with his friends, he says how much weight he has now lost.

On the 24th March, when the Huffington Post article was posted, he said he’d lost 3.5 stone (49 pounds).

On the 20th April, when he shared the Wakeup World post, he said he’d now lost 4 stone (56 pounds)

I need these photos to make sure I recognise him next time I see him!

But I also want to call out an important detail. Look at Phil’s smile. It’s just the same. He has a great smile. How we look does not define us. We are all so much more than our appearance. Whilst my clients often measure progress by weight loss, I don’t. The work I do is about making you happy with yourself. Our work together address so much more than just how you look.

So if you lose weight after working with me, that’s great. If you don’t, but gain the ability to be happy, that’s great too.

Get in touch if you would like my help to be happy with being you.


How glasses work

When I was ay University I started struggling to see the white board at the front. I found myself having to move closer and closer to the front. Not good because it made it easier for the lecturer to spot the games of boxes I was playing with my friends!

Anyway, I ended up going to an optician and I ended up with a new pair of glasses.

That summer I was home for the holidays and was walking through the countryside to my summer job. I looked at the trees and noticed how remarkable the leaves were.

Then I realised, I hadn’t been able to make out the leaves before – they were blurry.

I did that thing where you try looking with and without the glasses and the change was remarkable.

The most interesting thing was, until I had my glasses I hadn’t even realised that I wasn’t seeing the leaves on the trees. The way I saw things was so normal to me, I didn’t realise that they didn’t actually look that way.

I didn’t realise it was just my way of seeing things until something changed my perception.

This is also true when you have low self-confidence or low self-esteem. You assume that the way you feel and the way you see things that people say is the only way. You assume it is the truth.

But like the leaves on the trees, everything is really just a matter of perception. And perception can be changed. Changing the way you see something changes the way it is. And changes you.

If you think everyone is down on you, that you are not as good as everyone else, that you look terrible…then maybe today is the day to drop me an email to dawn@thinkitchangeit.com

I can help. Like the optician helped me with my eyes, I can help you with your head!

Be in their moment, don’t hide from it

IMG_1504[1]One day we were in the changing rooms of the swimming baths and I was telling my daughter not to open the door to our cubicle as we got changed. She piped up:

Don’t worry mummy, your belly covers your bits

It was true. It was an innocent statement made by her based on what she saw. Not based on any form of judgement.

These days I am comfortable enough in my own skin that I don’t care. I smiled and told her she made a good point and we carried on laughing and giggling as we got changed.

In the past that might have caused me a problem. But my weight doesn’t define me. And it’s changing. I’m changing.

How I look doesn’t matter to her.

What I do doesn’t matter to her.

All that matters to her is how I make her feel.

When she looks back on photos and reflects on memories when she’s older, it won’t be what size I was that she remembers. It will be what she was doing and how she felt.

My daughter knows that beauty on the inside is way more important than beauty on the outside. My daughter knows we are all different and that’s what makes people interesting and amazing.

She doesn’t care what size I am or if I have make up on. She doesn’t even care if we have a hug when I have just got back from a run and am hot and sweaty!

She doesn’t care if the photo we’ve just taken together shows me with a double chin. What she sees is her mum and she loves me. What she sees is how much fun we were having as she remembers what we were doing at the time.

We are not remembered for what we do. We are remembered for how we make people feel.

So next time you try and hide from that photo or cringe at a comment made by your kid that makes you self-conscious – remember that. Be in their moment, don’t hide from it. You might regret it later in your life if you do.

Believe in yourself

What if you were a unicorn?

What if people around you didn’t believe in you? How would you function?

When you think about it, how much of who you are is defined by the people around you?

Have you ever wondered who you would be if that wasn’t true? Have you ever wondered who you are without allowing other people to decide?

You see, no one else is you. You are the very best version of you that you can possibly be. No one else knows how to be you. No one else knows what things make you happy and what things make you sad. No one else knows which songs make you smile to remember, and which make you sad. No one else knows which foods remind you of good times.

No one else can be you.

So why should you let anyone else decide how to be you?

If you want to be a unicorn, be a unicorn. Believe in you.

And if you want a smile, why not check out O2’s advert – Be More Dog

Beauty is what you see in the mirror

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

Last night I was watching one of my guilty pleasure programmes “I’m a celebrity get me out of here”

This year Rebecca Adlington, the very successful Olympic swimmer, is in the jungle and so is a lady who may be less well known called Amy Willerton who is GB’s Miss Universe.

A discussion started about body image and what effect pageants have on how girls see themselves and how they should look. It was a relatively good natured discussion between Amy and an actress who stars in Emmerdale called Lucy Pargeter. Lucy was sharing how she didn’t even feel comfortable getting naked to get into the shower and how she has always struggled with body image. A few others joined in.

Rebecca made a few comments and then went off to talk to the camera at which point she started talking about how anxious and bad she feels about the way she looks. How little confidence she has in herself. How she wished she had the beauty of someone like Amy.

This wasn’t a result of any comment made by Amy but was about the way Rebecca sees herself.

And the things is, I was probably one of tens of thousands of people who were yelling at the telly trying to somehow get through to Rebecca how amazing she was. She is a true role model with all her achievements. Something to inspire any of us to chase our dreams.

As I sat there I thought it was such a shame that she wasn’t in a place where she could accept that because these other things are perceived as being so much more important.

It’s something I commonly deal with in my clients, especially weight loss clients.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you measure a person by the way they look?
  • Do you choose your friends based on their size or hair colour?
  • Do you think if you had one friend who is a size 16 and one who is a 10 you’d like the size 10 friend more?

I suspect the answer to all these questions is a very emphatic “No!”

So then why on earth would you think that other people would be any different?

What we see when we look in the mirror is not what is there but is an image filtered through our own perceptions.

Small or large, Olympic swimmer or couch potato, we all see a different person based on how we think or feel.

And as I watched Rebecca become consumed by her own reality I just wanted to reach out and help her in the way I know I can. In the way I have helped so many of my clients be ok with themselves…accept themselves…and accept their achievements in life.

I would love to help Rebecca accept her amazing achievements and move on.

If you want a special download which may help you get a bit more confidence in who you are just click on this link and listen every day.

** it will take you to the MailBigFile website to fetch your download. If you download to a PC/Mac first you can put the MP3 on any device to listen to. If you just click on it, it will play but not download and will require an internet connection every time you want to play it (and use your data!)