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How glasses work

When I was ay University I started struggling to see the white board at the front. I found myself having to move closer and closer to the front. Not good because it made it easier for the lecturer to spot the games of boxes I was playing with my friends!

Anyway, I ended up going to an optician and I ended up with a new pair of glasses.

That summer I was home for the holidays and was walking through the countryside to my summer job. I looked at the trees and noticed how remarkable the leaves were.

Then I realised, I hadn’t been able to make out the leaves before – they were blurry.

I did that thing where you try looking with and without the glasses and the change was remarkable.

The most interesting thing was, until I had my glasses I hadn’t even realised that I wasn’t seeing the leaves on the trees. The way I saw things was so normal to me, I didn’t realise that they didn’t actually look that way.

I didn’t realise it was just my way of seeing things until something changed my perception.

This is also true when you have low self-confidence or low self-esteem. You assume that the way you feel and the way you see things that people say is the only way. You assume it is the truth.

But like the leaves on the trees, everything is really just a matter of perception. And perception can be changed. Changing the way you see something changes the way it is. And changes you.

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I can help. Like the optician helped me with my eyes, I can help you with your head!

Be in their moment, don’t hide from it

IMG_1504[1]One day we were in the changing rooms of the swimming baths and I was telling my daughter not to open the door to our cubicle as we got changed. She piped up:

Don’t worry mummy, your belly covers your bits

It was true. It was an innocent statement made by her based on what she saw. Not based on any form of judgement.

These days I am comfortable enough in my own skin that I don’t care. I smiled and told her she made a good point and we carried on laughing and giggling as we got changed.

In the past that might have caused me a problem. But my weight doesn’t define me. And it’s changing. I’m changing.

How I look doesn’t matter to her.

What I do doesn’t matter to her.

All that matters to her is how I make her feel.

When she looks back on photos and reflects on memories when she’s older, it won’t be what size I was that she remembers. It will be what she was doing and how she felt.

My daughter knows that beauty on the inside is way more important than beauty on the outside. My daughter knows we are all different and that’s what makes people interesting and amazing.

She doesn’t care what size I am or if I have make up on. She doesn’t even care if we have a hug when I have just got back from a run and am hot and sweaty!

She doesn’t care if the photo we’ve just taken together shows me with a double chin. What she sees is her mum and she loves me. What she sees is how much fun we were having as she remembers what we were doing at the time.

We are not remembered for what we do. We are remembered for how we make people feel.

So next time you try and hide from that photo or cringe at a comment made by your kid that makes you self-conscious – remember that. Be in their moment, don’t hide from it. You might regret it later in your life if you do.

Believe in yourself

What if you were a unicorn?

What if people around you didn’t believe in you? How would you function?

When you think about it, how much of who you are is defined by the people around you?

Have you ever wondered who you would be if that wasn’t true? Have you ever wondered who you are without allowing other people to decide?

You see, no one else is you. You are the very best version of you that you can possibly be. No one else knows how to be you. No one else knows what things make you happy and what things make you sad. No one else knows which songs make you smile to remember, and which make you sad. No one else knows which foods remind you of good times.

No one else can be you.

So why should you let anyone else decide how to be you?

If you want to be a unicorn, be a unicorn. Believe in you.

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