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Celebrities who need help

I often read about celebrities who have overcome so much and are hugely inspiring. I also often read about celebrities and can see the struggles they are having

When I’m a Celebrity Get me Out of Here 2013 was on I watched Rebecca Adlington struggle with self-esteem. An Olympic medallist. I wanted to help her. I know I can.

Then I read about how Rebecca can’t have a wedding abroad because her sister is scared of flying and quite rightly she wants her there. I want to help her. I know I can.

Oakley Learn To Ride With AOL At Sundance - Day 2 - 2014 Park CityThen I read that Philip Seymour Hoffman died from drugs after over 20 years clean. It made me sad that the stuff that led to his addiction was still there all the time later. I wish I’d been able to help.

Today I read about Ian Wright and his struggles with his childhood experiences and his anger at it. I want to help. I know I can.

The thing is, it doesn’t matter whether you are a celebrity or not, we all have our stuff. We can achieve a huge amount in our lives but often we achieve despite our stuff. Imagine how much more we could achieve if our stuff was cleared out of the way?

I want to help. I know I can.

Beauty is what you see in the mirror

I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here

Last night I was watching one of my guilty pleasure programmes “I’m a celebrity get me out of here”

This year Rebecca Adlington, the very successful Olympic swimmer, is in the jungle and so is a lady who may be less well known called Amy Willerton who is GB’s Miss Universe.

A discussion started about body image and what effect pageants have on how girls see themselves and how they should look. It was a relatively good natured discussion between Amy and an actress who stars in Emmerdale called Lucy Pargeter. Lucy was sharing how she didn’t even feel comfortable getting naked to get into the shower and how she has always struggled with body image. A few others joined in.

Rebecca made a few comments and then went off to talk to the camera at which point she started talking about how anxious and bad she feels about the way she looks. How little confidence she has in herself. How she wished she had the beauty of someone like Amy.

This wasn’t a result of any comment made by Amy but was about the way Rebecca sees herself.

And the things is, I was probably one of tens of thousands of people who were yelling at the telly trying to somehow get through to Rebecca how amazing she was. She is a true role model with all her achievements. Something to inspire any of us to chase our dreams.

As I sat there I thought it was such a shame that she wasn’t in a place where she could accept that because these other things are perceived as being so much more important.

It’s something I commonly deal with in my clients, especially weight loss clients.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you measure a person by the way they look?
  • Do you choose your friends based on their size or hair colour?
  • Do you think if you had one friend who is a size 16 and one who is a 10 you’d like the size 10 friend more?

I suspect the answer to all these questions is a very emphatic “No!”

So then why on earth would you think that other people would be any different?

What we see when we look in the mirror is not what is there but is an image filtered through our own perceptions.

Small or large, Olympic swimmer or couch potato, we all see a different person based on how we think or feel.

And as I watched Rebecca become consumed by her own reality I just wanted to reach out and help her in the way I know I can. In the way I have helped so many of my clients be ok with themselves…accept themselves…and accept their achievements in life.

I would love to help Rebecca accept her amazing achievements and move on.

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