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Free books from 23-26th July, 2013

Both my books will be free on Kindle for the whole of this week.

The book details my metamorphosis from a glass half empty person who struggled with life.

A person who was scared of every social interaction.

A person who was unable to appreciate the people who loved and cared about her.

A person that was never able to appreciate achievements.

A person that was very significantly overweight.

A metamorphosis to now.

Now I am happy.

Now I love my life.

Now I love the people around me and enjoy their company.

I have lost a lot of weight

I can appreciate achievements such as running the London Marathon, having a beautiful 5 year old daughter and a wonderful husband.

This happened over the space of 2 years with some help from the founder of Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Trevor Silvester. After only 7 sessions my life has been transformed.

I have given up a highly paid, high powered career to become a full time Cognitive Hypnotherapist and help others

You can read all about my journey in my books.

My first book has 24 reviews with 4.6 out of 5 stars overall.

*this book is also available in paperback but you’ll have to buy that! It is a lovely book though.

I hope you enjoy my books and see what is possible with a little help.