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The scales are as relevant as the weather

Look at this image

Or this one

When I work with weight loss or eating disorder clients they are used to using the scales as a measure of progress.

Think about it, how many of you want to lose weight so you can take the scales around with you and then, when you meet someone, throw them on the ground and say “Look how much I weigh!”?

There are many different reasons for wanting to lose weight but the reality is that it is not really about shifting the number on a dial. It is the medical profession that uses that as a generic measure so they can categorise you and issue generic advice. But we are all unique. We are not generic. What weight means to you is different to everyone else.

Everyone is a different shape and size. That’s ok. Unless you are not ok with it. I am sure you know someone who has complained about something to do with their physical appearance and you can’t see anything wrong with them.

Weight is a perception not a fact.

When you eat more you feel fatter. When you exercise you feel slimmer. Weight is based on how you feel and how you see yourself, not a number on the scale

So next time you are trying to lose weight, ditch the scales. Either use a tap measure as per the diagram below:

Or, even better, find something that is a little too tight and try it on once a week. Let’s face it, the main reason most of us want to lose weight is to look better and feel better in clothes. So that is your best measure.

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