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We all love a success story


This morning, I read this story in my local newspaper “Laura loses 9 stone in just 25 weeks”

We all love a success story. This is someone who lost weight very quickly on the Cambridge diet. It’s an extreme diet that puts your body into famine mode by allowing a very low calorific input per day.

Your mind and body is very familiar with looking at the environment and changing the way you metabolise food. In the Caveman days you regularly had periods of feast and periods of famine. To give you the best chance of survival, your subconscious constantly tweaks your metabolism based on availability of food, and based on risks in your environment. If there is a chance something will hurt you, then fat needs storing round your middle so it’s easily available as fuel when you need to run. Your brain will take as much as it can from the food you eat and store it for easy access.

Famine is not a permanent state – so a diet that puts you into famine mode is not sustainable long term. As soon as you “come off” the diet your subconscious will kick your body into feast mode and you will quickly re-stock the weight you lost – and more – to give you the best chance of surviving the next period of famine.

People who battle their weight can be desperate for an easy and quick solution. This is why gastric bands are so popular. But the only permanent solution starts in the head. Any attempt to physically change without addressing the mental addiction to food will most likely lead to you finding a way to override the physical limitations. 

Yes, of course it’s possible to take an extreme approach to lose a lot of weight. But is it really possible to use that same approach to keep that weight off for the rest of your life? Will Laura be able to stick to the Cambridge Diet for as long as the next 10 years? What happens when she has a birthday? Or has a holiday and can’t use the pre-prepared meals? As soon as she starts eating “normally” again her mind and body will kick back into feast and famine mode.

So I work with the head first. I get rid of the reason for needing the weight on – whether it is an emotional meaning that food has, or a self confidence need to use size for protection – I help you let go of the reason behind your weight. It may be slower to lose weight but it frees you up from dieting for life. Within 6 weeks my clients are on track to permanent weight change without needing further support from me. For as little as £160 GBP I can help you break out of the diet cycle for life.

Email dawn@thinkitchangeit.com if you’re ready to break out of the diet cycle.