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An emotional addiction to food

Image result for mcvities digestives advert puppiesImage result for mcvities digestives advert puppies

McVities, the makers of biscuits and snacks, have a series of new adverts out. The one that caught my attention yesterday was the one where the puppies came out of the digestive biscuit pack.

They have a bunch of adverts which involve cute animals. Like this one

Image result for mcvities digestives advert puppies

Buy our food because when you eat it you’ll be able to get the same feeling as you do when you cuddle a cute animal

There are people these days calling for a sugar tax. There are people that blame the big corporations for making too much rubbish food.

But all the advertising companies are doing is understanding psychology and using it to make sure their message gets through. This is what they have always done. You can’t sell based on experience because people haven’t yet bought the product. So you have to tap in to the emotions to get people to make a purchasing decision. After all would you buy the biscuits if this was the advert?


Not really.

In fact, it is only ever down to us what we do or don’t eat. But often that choice is hijacked by our subconscious – by food having an emotional meaning. This is what the advertising companies know.

The other day I came home from seeing clients in Aberdeen to my daughter saying

“Mum, Dad gave me diet coke and sweets and I’m not supposed to have them”

I laughed and told her it was her choice to eat them not her dad’s fault for giving them to her.

It is always our choice. Unless it isn’t. Unless it is the choice of our subconscious.

In the McVities advert, all they are doing is tapping into something that is true for many of us: eating certain foods makes us feel good.

When I work with weight loss clients, I don’t care what you choices you make. It is none of my business what size you are, what choices you make, how much exercise you do. All I care about is giving you the freedom to make your own choices, without the emotions making them for you.

Freedom to choose. That’s all I care about.

If you would like my help, remember I can see you in person in Dundee and Aberdeen or online using Skype/Facetime.

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Overcoming food addiction

I have been lucky enough to have a couple of articles posted lately on some pretty major websites.

The first was on the Huffington Post US site. You can read it here. The Huffington Post Facebook page has nearly 5 million likes.

The second was on Wake Up World, which is an Australian site but has a global reach with over 2 million Facebook likes. You can read it here.

But this post is not about that.

This post is about Phil.

phil before and after

Phil is a financial advisor based up in Aberdeen. I started working with Phil just before Christmas 2014.

Phil is a great supporter of what I do. Every time I get an article out there or write a blog post, Phil shares it. When he hears friends struggling, he suggests that I can help.

The thing that really makes me smile is that every time Phil shares one of my posts with his friends, he says how much weight he has now lost.

On the 24th March, when the Huffington Post article was posted, he said he’d lost 3.5 stone (49 pounds).

On the 20th April, when he shared the Wakeup World post, he said he’d now lost 4 stone (56 pounds)

I need these photos to make sure I recognise him next time I see him!

But I also want to call out an important detail. Look at Phil’s smile. It’s just the same. He has a great smile. How we look does not define us. We are all so much more than our appearance. Whilst my clients often measure progress by weight loss, I don’t. The work I do is about making you happy with yourself. Our work together address so much more than just how you look.

So if you lose weight after working with me, that’s great. If you don’t, but gain the ability to be happy, that’s great too.

Get in touch if you would like my help to be happy with being you.