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Who or what has power over you?

I am currently trying out the Fast Diet.

It’s not really a diet, more like a way of life. The principle is it takes us back to the cave man days where you would have days of fasting (whilst hunting beasties) and days of scoffing once you had caught something.

This is apparently very good for our body because it means we eat into the stored fat and our body goes into ‘survive and repair’ mode.

To do the fast diet requires having 2 days in 7 (not next to each other) where you eat less than 500 calories (600 for men). You don’t spread it through the day but have it as 2 meals because that allows your body to start working on resources. You need to be feeling hungry.

I have found the fast days liberating. During a fast day, for the first time I can remember, food has no power over me. I am not allowed to eat therefore I don’t worry about eating the wrong or right thing. I don’t worry about snacking or what I’m going to have for dinner. I am truly free.

When I’m fasting the hunger signifies freedom and an opportunity for my body to recover.

And it has helped me realise how much power food has over me in a normal day. It also got me wondering what, or who else has power over me.

Who’s voice tells me what not to do or what I am capable of?

Who from my past or current life am I allowing to have enough power over me that they form my opinion of myself and my capabilities?

What would I believe about myself, that I don’t believe now, if I silenced the voices of those people in past or present that I allow to have power over me?

What do you think? Who has power over you?

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