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Cosmetic surgery for the mind

Cosmetic surgery is big business.

Changing your physical features to suit an internal image that you have of how you should be.

But internal images are often skewed by an emotional perspective.

A person with anorexia thinks they are so fat that they daren’t eat. This can be come so extreme that they eat so little that their body lacks the necessary vitamins and minerals and organs start failing. In the worst case they can starve themselves to death.

I see it all the time with my weight loss clients. Their internal perspective on how they look is mismatched to the reality. Have you ever had those conversations where you say “I need to lose weight” and the person you are talking to says “Yeah me too!”. You look at them and think “no you don’t”. It’s because your perspective is different from theirs.

It doesn’t matter if you are a size 10 or a size 20 if you are happy with who you are.

I regularly rant about cosmetic surgery. To me this is different to corrective surgery. Corrective surgery is a physical solution to a physical disfigurement in some way.

Cosmetic surgery is a physical solution to a state of mind that perceives a problem. Put 100 different minds in the same body and it may be that only one of them perceives the problem.

So I think we should do mental cosmetic surgery (in fairness I often do this already)

Mental cosmetic surgery is where we work with the mind to get you to a place where you can accept that you are ok just as you are, both inside and out

If you think I can help with your body image, or anything about yourself you aren’t happy with, just drop me an email to dawn@thinkitchangeit.com and we can talk about how I can help.

**remember I do therapy both face to face and on the internet using Skype and Facetime