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The Caveman Rules of Survival is out today #IGotDawnsBook

Today is the launch day of my book. I am very excited about this. It has been shipping in paperback from Amazon for just over a week and now the ebook will ship as soon as you buy it.

Also it should be in bookshops. So I have a competition!
The first person to share a photo of my book in a bookshop on Facebook, Twitter or by emailing Dawn@thinkitchangeit.com will win a signed copy of the book plus a free USB drive with special MP3 recordings to help you deal with each of the Caveman Rules.

So get looking!

And remember, if you have my book already, please share a selfie with me with#IGotDawnsBook

What people are already saying

Wow – this book is one of those that you just cannot put down. It’s superbly written in a way that is easy to understand whilst being immensely informative. The authors personality really shines through which engages the reader. It gives you a fascinating and clear insight into how our minds work and why we do the things we do. Knowing this stuff can really change how you look at yourself and take control of your life. It’s a wonderful addition to any bookshelf and would appeal to any human being with a brain. Buy it now – you won’t be disappointed!

What if you realised that you could quiet the little voice in your head that says “I can’t do that because…”?
That’s what Dawn Walton shows us in this book, and a lot more besides. I’ve experienced Dawn’s Cognitive Hypnotherapy work and have struggled to explain to people exactly how it works. When a friend picked up my copy of The Caveman Rules of Survival, within a couple of minutes she was nodding and saying “THIS makes sense… why didn’t you explain it this clearly?”. In this book Dawn shows us just how our caveman brain takes over, and how we can turn that thinking around and change the way we live from day to day. It’s brilliant, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.