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Is food a substance to you?

Addiction serves a purpose. When a person first starts drinking heavily or taking drugs they are doing it for a purpose.

It might help them dampen down the thoughts in their head, creating a sort of numbness that is better than the thoughts without the substance. It can be an escape that allows them to feel less or feel nothing.

It might replace feelings of insecurity or inadequacy with feelings of confidence and ‘not caring’.

It doesn’t matter what the substance is, what matters is the purpose you use it for.

Many people use food as a substance.

Think about the following questions in the context of when you are actually eating (not afterwards when you are judging yourself for what you did):

  • When you are tired do you find that you eat because it’s too much effort to resist?
  • When you are stressed does food allow you to feel calm?
  • When you are feeling like you are different and not good enough does eating give you something that allows you to forget about that for a while?
  • When you are feeling lonely does food give you comfort?
  • Does eating to keep the weight on make you feel safe in a strange way?
  • While you are eating do you feel numb in a way that is better than when you are not eating?
  • Does eating making you happy? While you are actually eating do you feel comforted and good?

The important question to ask yourself is:

Do you use food as a substance in the same way as some people use alcohol or drugs?

Many people I see use food like this.

Because we have to eat to survive it is not regarded as an addiction but food is often used as a substance without us realising it.

I can help you by removing the need for the addiction. I get rid of the meaning behind eating so that food becomes what it should be – fuel to get you through your day.

It can take time. But we can always get there in the end.

If you are interested in losing your dependence on food for whatever reason have a look at my weight loss coaching website www.thinkchangebecome.com . You can see how well Sandy has been doing and sign up for online coaching.

I can help you get over your dependency on food.