Addiction is an interesting thing isn’t it? A need for something that is driven in combination of physical and mental.

Of course, when it comes to smoking they do everything they can to keep you addicted even to the point of putting molasses in the cigarette paper to give it a bit of sweetness. 

And the thing with addiction is, the more you do something the more you need to because our bodies are pretty clever and adapt. To get the same adrenaline boost you got when you smoked your first cigarette, you need to smoke 2, then 4, etc…to a point where to be able to get what used to be a normal adrenaline rush before you started smoking, you now need to smoke 40 a day. You are smoking to get your body to feel like it used to before you started. Because your body has adapted. 

So it doesn’t do for you what you thought it did. 


You can see that pretty soon smoking stops being about the physical addiction and switches to what is going on in your head. 

On this basis, it makes sense that if we purely address it from a physical point of view then the chances of successfully quitting are more limited. 

So if you want to do something with the NHS initiative of “Stoptober” or even if you’ve just decided it’s time to give up smoking or anything else, why not browse my website and/or drop me an email and see if I can help. 

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