Something inside so strong

I got up early this morning to have a run before the family woke up and the day started.

I use Nike+ to track my run and have a mix of songs playing so I never know which song will come up. The thing about running is, I notice the lyrics to songs in a way I wouldn’t normally. This morning “Something inside so strong” came on my playlist and I found the lyrics amazingly poignant considering some of the stuff in the news this last week and also some very personal stuff I am going through

The higher you build your barriers the taller I become
The farther you take my rights away the faster I will run
You can deny me, you can decide to turn your face away
No matter ’cause there’s

Something inside so strong
I know that I can make it
Though you’re doing me wrong so wrong
You thought that my pride was gone
Oh, no, something inside so
there’s something inside so strong

The more you refuse to hear my voice the louder I will sing
You hide behind walls of Jericho, your lies will come tumbling
Deny my place in time, you squander wealth that’s mine
My light will shine so brightly, it will blind you

As I listened to the words for the first time it brought to mind what is going on with the recently exposed sexual abuse of girls in Rotherham. It perpetuated for years because they were forced into silence by a whole community. I also read about the amazing Ruzwana Bashir who spoke out about the abuse in a community in Skipton. Speaking out, for her and others, was so difficult. And still is. Even though her abuser went to jail and served his term, he was accepted back in the community. She never was.

But they spoke out.

They didn’t remain silent.

I know how powerful speaking out can be.

Abusers work off silence. That’s what protects them.

You are stronger than you think. The one thing no one can ever take away from you is your ability to speak out.

My light will shine so brightly, it will blind you

That line stands out for me. I will remember it for myself. If this post resonates with you, then maybe that line can stand out for you too.

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