Skin in the game

It’s a funny thing about human nature that in order to truly value something we generally need to have skin in the game – there need to be consequences for a failure to commit.

For example when you get something for free you are not likely to value it as much as if you’ve worked and saved to get it.

Something being more expensive tends to make us believe it is better quality and ‘worth’ more. This is not necessarily the case.

When approaching a change in your life, it’s a message that’s worth bearing in mind.

If you really want to drive change you might want to make sure you have skin in the game.

  1. If you are losing weight through listening to something like Thinking Slimmer then you need to be active in the process (as all you really have to do is listen to a track every day) You can do this by setting clear short term goals and by noting down any changes you see each day.
  2. If you are engaged in personal change and growth either through seeing a therapist or self-help then note down up to 3 positive things you notice every day. Write them down, don’t just log them in your head
  3. If you are developing a business don’t just create an over-arching vision of what you want to achieve but write down short and medium term goals that are SMART (Specific Measurable Achievable Realistic Time specific). Regularly review those goals

Whatever you are doing, you are likely to be more successful at it if you have a concrete stake in its success – if you have skin in the game

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