Seeing a therapist

If you have a problem with your car, you take it to a garage so a mechanic can fix it

It’s not a sign of weakness that you don’t know how to fix your car.

If you have an injury or illness you go to a doctor to help understand what is wrong.

It’s not a sign of weakness that you are not medically qualified to diagnose and fix problems.

If you have something going on in your head that is stopping you being able to live your life fully…

…well what do you do?

The other evening I asked on Twitter if it was a sign of weakness to go and see a therapist. The response was interesting.

Those who had seen a therapist or had friends who had said it was a sign of strength.

Some felt it was better to try and deal with it yourself and that it was a sign of failure to not be able to do that. To “have” to go and see a therapist.

But it’s not a sign of failure to go to a mechanic. Or a doctor.

Sometimes someone else is in a better position, because of their knowledge and experience, to help you.

Does that make you strong or weak? I think neither.

I think saying you are strong or weak for going to see a therapist is a judgement. It is a judgement based on your individual perceptions – the way you see the world.

What would it be like if there was no stigma?

What would it be like if a therapist was considered in the same light as a mechanic or a doctor? How much easier would our lives be if it was ok to go and see someone to help with our heads?

Personally I don’t see it as a sign of strength or weakness. I do see it as a sign of courage.

To overcome the stigma. To overcome the fear of the unknown. To take that first step to get in touch with a therapist takes courage…

but that’s my opinion based on my perceptions.

What do you think?

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