Save water, drink wine

imageYou get home from another long day at work. After you’ve done the things you must (fed the kids, put them to bed, sorted out dinner etc) you sit in front of the TV and grab the bottle of wine that you opened last night, that is now half empty. You and your partner chat about the day as the mindless television allows you to switch off and escape from the stresses of the day. You mess around on Facebook a bit at the same time.

Pretty soon it’s bedtime, you grab the empty bottle and stick it in the recycling. For a moment you think that maybe tomorrow night you will skip the wine, but like Groundhog Day, the next evening you find yourself doing the same thing.

Thing is, you are not the only one. Your friends do it to.

This is the socially accepted norm these days. A glass of wine or two, or three in the evening after work. It helps with the stress.

Pretty soon you are getting tagged on Facebook against images of t-shirts about wine drinking. “Lol” you reply “that is so me”

The arrival of so many T-shirts tells us a lot. Drinking wine in the evening has become a socially accepted norm. Not an addiction. Not a growing epidemic like weight. Just a fun thing to. A fun thing to do to relieve stress. A fun thing that results in weight gain and health issues. A fun thing that you need to cope. Maybe not such a fun thing. Maybe it is closer to an addiction than you have realised.

An addiction is where you use a substance to get  feeling or to escape from a feeling. So what is wine to you?

The problem here is not the wine, it is the fact that there is something in your life that you are struggling to cope with. Wine could easily be replaced with food, drugs, smoking, shopping, gambling, etc.

So when you find that you need that glass of wine to relax in an evening, consider this: why do you need it? What would you feel like if you didn’t have it.

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