Now is a good time

Every now and again you see and advert on the television that makes you stop and watch it…and think.

The current Bulmers Cider advert did that to me.

I know it’s for Cider and I am certainly not advocating drinking – but watch the video and listen to the words. The words aren’t about drinking – they are about how to approach life.

Now is a good time.

How often do we get let our past dictate our present? Or future worries get in the way of living in the moment?

My resolution for this year has been all about living in the now. Enjoying the moment.

It is not easy for me. I am used to looking at my day through past-tinted glasses but I am doing ok.

In fact, I have found myself getting frustrated at my daughter for not living in the moment. For example, when she has a friend over to play, instead of playing she starts asking if the friend can stay for tea and starts getting upset if the answer is no. I am trying to teach her not to borrow trouble ahead but instead enjoy the moment.

This moment, right now, has everything in it you need. Worries come from the past and the future. They rarely come from the moment.

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One thought on “Now is a good time

  1. Madeleine

    Might borrow this advert one day as it is brilliant! Thanks for sharing. Like your comment about “borrowing trouble ahead”. The beauty of it is that which we borrow, we can return 🙂 Like books in a library. *pondering goes about what to return*


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