My Mad Fat Diary

There is a new series that has just started on E4 called “My Mad Fat Diary”

The write up on the channel 4 website says

My Mad Fat Diary takes a look at life from the perspective of funny, music-mad 16-year-old Rae. 

At the start we see the main character, Rae, leaving a psychiactric ward where she has been for a few months. Throughout the episodes we see her having sessions with her counsellor. 

It is a very well written series that is both laugh out loud funny, and hard hitting in the way it deals with mental health issues such as eating disorders. Apparently it is based on the diary of the writer Rae Earl. Maybe that’s what makes it so real. 

Last night’s episode, the second in the series, didn’t disappoint.

It dealt with body dysmorphia, bullemia, self harm, teenage sexuality and much more. 

At the same time as feeling like I really wanted to help so many of the characters, I found myself laughing out loud often. 

Many of the experiences of the main character fire off triggers and memories. It’s not a feel good programme and yet it’s entertaining and refreshing. 

I found myself thinking as I watched it about the things that resonated with me. 

I found myself relating to so many of her feelings. 

I found myself just wanting to give her a hug.

I also wondered what I could do to help if she was to come to my therapy room. It would be an opporunity I would relish. After all, I trained as a Cognitivie Hypnotherapist to help people. I want to help people because I know what it feels like to hurt and I want to help as many people as I can get over that. 

That’s why I wrote my book, because although my past is different to Rae’s (we all have a unqiue past because we all experience things in our own way) I want to let as many people as possible know that you can overcome anything. You can find happiness.

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