Life is Not a Race You Want to Win

When I published my first book “Nothing Needs to be the Way it’s Always Been” I thought I was a point in my therapy journey where I was close to being fixed.

The transformation in the way I saw myself and my life was so profound it was hard for me to imagine that there was anywhere else left to go.

But of course there always is. Because life is a journey and not a destination (or at least not a destination you want to rush towards). So it was inevitable that I continued to face challenges. Challenges that made me doubt myself and often sent me into a tail spin.

At first I felt a failure to seek help at those points but then I realised that we all need a little help and guidance sometimes.

I continued to blog the ups and downs of what was going on in my head.

And now I am at a point where I have accepted myself. I have accepted that there will always be challenges but I have also reached a place of such freedom that I can enjoy just being me. Just being in the moment.

I published my first book in the hope that I could show as many people as possible that there is always hope. We can all find happiness.

So it only seemed right that I continued to bring everyone on this journey with me. To share these new insights. To show people that life is not a race…and if it was, it certainly wouldn’t be one you’d want to cross the finish line first on.

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