Is it you or your environment?

In his book, The Biology of Belief, Bruce Lipton talks about his early days as a lab technician. His supervisor used to constantly say to him, “It’s the environment stupid!”. We assume that a nucleus of a cell is it’s brain. If we damage the nucleus, the cell dies. This is apparently not true. Even with a damaged nucleus, a cell can go on to live quite a while; even as long as a couple of weeks.

However, if you put a cell in a petri dish with a substance that is toxic to it, it will die instantly. No matter how robust a cell is, it can be killed off by it’s environment.

Sometimes, when I work with a client, they change so much that they no longer fit in their environment. Maybe it’s work, study, or even a partner; they realise that they no longer have to put up with stuff. They realise it’s ok to stand up for themselves and put themselves first occasionally.

No matter how far they have come, if they remain in a toxic environment, they will struggle. It’s not their fault. They are like a cell. They can survive perfectly well no matter how broken they feel. But they can’t survive in a toxic environment.

So have a look around and ask yourself, does this environment nurture me, or does it suppress who I really am?

If you need help to see yourself as ok and to make these hard choices, give me a shout.


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