Insomnia and pesky thoughts

I have been speaking to a few people lately who have been struggling with sleep.

This has not been traditional insomnia – I have written about that before

This is more about the things that go on in their mind when they are already asleep meaning they wake up feeling as exhausted as they were when they went to sleep (or more!)

I can relate to that right now. I have a lot going on in my life and there is something about that “dozing off” state just before sleep comes that allows all sorts of thoughts a passage into your head.

Just before we sleep, it’s like a bridge is created between our conscious and subconscious – and for a short while the thoughts become indiscernible from each other

So what do you do about it?

Well the trick is to get to sleep with positive thoughts in your head.

Here is how.

1. Get an oil or perfume you really like the smell of and put a small amount on a cloth

2. Some time during the day watch this video on how to build a positive anchor but instead of squeezing your knuckle when I tell you to, sniff the cloth

How to build a positive feeling anchor you can recall

3. When you go to bed, smell the cloth and then put it under your pillow. If you wake through the night smell it again.

Try it and see how you get on.

It’s also worth mentioning while we are here what you can do with kids who are having night terrors or nightmares.

Download this file which is a relaxation track that has a positive anchor built in at the end. Play the track in their room as they go to sleep. If they are old enough they can listen on their own device or if they are too young play it over speakers. It is just an MP3 file so you can put it on any device. I have found this to be very effective for a number of kids in that age range of 7-12.

2 thoughts on “Insomnia and pesky thoughts

  1. Stephanie Curtis

    This is sounds alot like how I dealt with my nightmares, except I went a step further and used lucid dreaming to fight my nightmares. I’d like to talk a little bit about my experiences.

    Nightmares used to visit me in my sleep everynight. Halfway through my sophomore term at the college I attend I also began to have ominous nightmares – the type where I’d suddenly wake up with my entire body covered with perspiration.

    Terrifyingly it was almost always a similar scenario: I’m in my car when suddenly ice would surround me. I’d then wake up wide-eyed and scared out of my wits, too terrified to go back to sleep.

    It’s like a memory of the past now, but back in those terrible days I absolutely feared getting rest. I would try the craziest sleeping techniques to avoid dreaming, but I always would lose the fight against my urge to sleep.

    At any rate following a terrible dream I decided to scanning StumbleUpon in search of potential treatments when I came upon the idea of lucid dreaming. I stumbled upon a bunch of Internet “lessons” with various methods for lucid dreaming. Nevertheless, after cracking at them methods for over three weeks I still had no authority over my dreams. I then came upon a product evaluation on one method: – and as a result of my annoyance decided to try it. Doing so was a great choice – After around four weeks I observed great restraint over my dreams. My experience makes me believe that my success is owed to the effective breakdown in the Lucid Dreaming Fast Track product.

    At any rate, that’s how I dealt with my nightmares.


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