How glasses work

When I was ay University I started struggling to see the white board at the front. I found myself having to move closer and closer to the front. Not good because it made it easier for the lecturer to spot the games of boxes I was playing with my friends!

Anyway, I ended up going to an optician and I ended up with a new pair of glasses.

That summer I was home for the holidays and was walking through the countryside to my summer job. I looked at the trees and noticed how remarkable the leaves were.

Then I realised, I hadn’t been able to make out the leaves before – they were blurry.

I did that thing where you try looking with and without the glasses and the change was remarkable.

The most interesting thing was, until I had my glasses I hadn’t even realised that I wasn’t seeing the leaves on the trees. The way I saw things was so normal to me, I didn’t realise that they didn’t actually look that way.

I didn’t realise it was just my way of seeing things until something changed my perception.

This is also true when you have low self-confidence or low self-esteem. You assume that the way you feel and the way you see things that people say is the only way. You assume it is the truth.

But like the leaves on the trees, everything is really just a matter of perception. And perception can be changed. Changing the way you see something changes the way it is. And changes you.

If you think everyone is down on you, that you are not as good as everyone else, that you look terrible…then maybe today is the day to drop me an email to

I can help. Like the optician helped me with my eyes, I can help you with your head!

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