Case Study: Nikki

  1. How did you hear about Dawn? Heard about through Sandra Roycroft – Davies, Slimpod (Thinking Slimmer)
  2. Did you get in touch straight away or did you need some time to think about it? If so, how long? Initially contacted straight away then I think took a couple of days to think about it whilst asking questions by email. Max 1 week.
  3. Had you been to see any other sort of therapist before seeing Dawn? I have seen an axis counsellor and one through the Drs.
  4. Was your session in person or over Skype/Facetime? Skype
  5. What were your biggest worries about going to see Dawn? Were any of them founded? My biggest worry was that it wouldn’t work but there is definite improvement.
  6. Will you share what made you go and see Dawn? I contacted Sandra as I have issues with a binge mentality and lose control with food, I have an unhealthy relationship with it. Because of issues of childhood abuse she referred me to Dawn. We worked on altering the memory of the abuse.
  7. How did you feel after your first session? A little relieved to actually feel that things were being dealt with. The download helped. I do feel calmer about the abuse and it does not have the same meaning that it previously did.
  8. How many sessions did you have? I had 2 sessions
  9. What surprised you most? I was most surprised by my change of perspective but mainly to the abuse not the food.
  10. What was hardest? The hardest thing was trying to visualise things as I often feel that I lack imagination. It was difficult to visualise at request i.e at that specific time.
  11. If you were able to travel in time and visit the you before you saw Dawn, what would you tell her that would help? Possibly to ask what is most important? Advice on what should be dealt with i.e. the self-destruct diet/bingeing/shopping binges mentality or abuse and knock on effects. Or are they all linked.
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