Case Study: Marian

  1. How did you hear about Dawn? My daughter had been looking on line for a therapist local to my area and came across Think It Change It. She sent me the link to the website so I had a look and signed up for the newsletter.
  2. Did you get in touch straight away or did you need some time to think about it? If so, how long? No, I didn’t get in touch straight away. It must have been about six months or so before I got in touch and that was only after promising my daughter I would..
  3. Had you been to see any other sort of therapist before seeing Dawn? I went to couples counselling in 2003 and was impressed that the counsellor seemed to know immediately what the issues were for me. Her support was invaluable. I undertook a counselling course in 2015 and part of that was theory and practising counselling within the group.
  4. Was your session in person or over Skype/Facetime? Face to Face
  5. What were your biggest worries about going to see Dawn? Were any of them founded? All my worries seemed big! Initially biggest worry was could I afford it / would it be worth it?
    I was worried about where the venue was. I worried about what I would say and what that would uncover. I didn’t like the idea that I might cry! Looking back on it,  no, none of my worries were founded.
  6. Will you share what made you go and see Dawn? Yes, happy to, because what I discussed and what I thought I wanted to discuss were two different subjects. The second subject is still with me but I’m not sure if they are entwined or even how to explain it.
  7. How did you feel after your first session? I felt more positive in myself.
  8. How many sessions did you have? I had two sessions with a third pending
  9. What surprised you most? Dawn didn’t hypnotise me!
  10. What was hardest? Actually getting up the courage to go in the first place. Dawn’s prompt response to me email enquiry took me aback. If she hadn’t offered me an early appointment I would have procrastinated even longer. That might not seem to be a hard thing, but it was to me – I had not expected an immediate response and was already formulating my explanation to my daughter of why I couldn’t go! I found the second session was not what I expected and left feeling confused as to what had taken place and how this would make a difference to my issues as such I have struggled with the exercise that was given.
  11. If you were able to travel in time and visit the you before you saw Dawn, what would you tell her that would help? “Just go and get your head sorted out. It doesn’t hurt and it’ll make you feel better.”
  12. If there is something else you’d like to say but I haven’t covered, please feel free to add it. I really find the download useful. Having used it every night for two weeks, I noticed a big change in my mood and self awareness each day. I am also more aware of what other people are saying and find it easier to rationalise their negative comments whether personal or not.

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