Case Study: Gail

  1. How did you hear about Dawn?  I heard about Dawn through an advert at work about fear of public speaking and for some reason was drawn to seek help.
  2. Did you get in touch straight away or did you need some time to think about it? If so, how long? I kept going back to the advert for 2-3 weeks then decided to send an email in a moment of bravery.
  3. Had you been to see any other sort of therapist before seeing Dawn? I have been to see many therapists during my life, from ones that want to talk about everything in my past to those who tried cognitive behavior therapy. Also saw someone for weight loss hypnosis.
  4. Was your session in person or over Skype/Facetime? in person
  5. What were your biggest worries about going to see Dawn? Were any of them founded?  I was worried that seeing someone in their own home would be awkward and that I might not have enough to talk about. My worries were not founded in the least. Dawn creates a very relaxing and comfortable setting and very quickly sets your mind at ease.
  6. Will you share what made you go and see Dawn?  I went to see Dawn to get help with weight loss and over eating issues that I have struggled with for the past 15-20 years.
  7. How did you feel after your first session? Its hard to pinpoint actual feelings here. Inspired, energised, exhausted, hopeful, positive, befuddled, proud
  8. How many sessions did you have? To date 2 and I am going back for another
  9. What surprised you most? haha that it really works. Put simply, do the work and you get the results.
  10. What was hardest? Making the initial contact was the hardest thing for me
  11. If you were able to travel in time and visit the you before you saw Dawn, what would you tell her that would help? You mean apart from give Dawn a call ? I would tell her that she is OK and that other peoples behavior and actions are about what is going on in there heads and not a reflection on her.

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