Case Study: Carolyn


  1. How did you hear about Dawn? I read an article online which Dawn had written.
  2. Did you get in touch straight away or did you need some time to think about it? If so, how long? I first read Dawn’s book then got in touch as soon as I’d finished it.
  3. Had you been to see any other sort of therapist before seeing Dawn? I’d had 12 sessions of CBT..
  4. Was your session in person or over Skype/Facetime? Skype
  5. What were your biggest worries about going to see Dawn? Were any of them founded? My concern was that my problem wouldn’t be resolved after having got my hopes up but I began to feel positive change after the first session so this worry quickly disappeared
  6. Will you share what made you go and see Dawn? I was struggling to cope with a health condition and kept making choices which were making the situation worse
  7. How did you feel after your first session? After the first session, I felt a huge weight lift off me and I felt that it might take a bit of time but that I would be able to resolve my problem
  8. How many sessions did you have? 7
  9. What surprised you most? I was most surprised by how such seemingly simple techniques could be so powerful
  10. What was hardest? I felt so many improvements day to day that I found it difficult to recognise when a follow up session would be useful..
  11. If you were able to travel in time and visit the you before you saw Dawn, what would you tell her that would help? I’d tell her to not leave quite so long before sessions and to have absolute faith in the process.
  12. If there is something else you’d like to say but I haven’t covered, please feel free to add it. Working with Dawn has changed my life for the better in so many ways. The positive changes are still rippling through my daily life and I continue to be surprised how such seemingly simple strategies can have such a huge impact.

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