Believe in yourself

What if you were a unicorn?

What if people around you didn’t believe in you? How would you function?

When you think about it, how much of who you are is defined by the people around you?

Have you ever wondered who you would be if that wasn’t true? Have you ever wondered who you are without allowing other people to decide?

You see, no one else is you. You are the very best version of you that you can possibly be. No one else knows how to be you. No one else knows what things make you happy and what things make you sad. No one else knows which songs make you smile to remember, and which make you sad. No one else knows which foods remind you of good times.

No one else can be you.

So why should you let anyone else decide how to be you?

If you want to be a unicorn, be a unicorn. Believe in you.

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