A truck load of determination

A truck is designed to carry a heavy load. When it is attached to a trailer, it needs extra engine power to move.

This means, without the trailer, the engine power moves the truck way quicker – so much so that there is a sport where you race trucks.

Determination is like the engine in a truck.

It takes a huge amount of determination to get through life when you feel rubbish about yourself. To keep going with a large weight dragging you back all the time is quite the feat.

Every single one of my clients has huge determination.

Despite feeling rubbish about themselves, they are still fighting. They have come to me. They are not accepting the status quo

Can you imagine what is possible with that same level of determination, once you stop feeling rubbish about yourself? It is like removing the trailer from the truck. You are flying!

If you have constantly fought for yourself

If you are reading this

If you are ready to fly

Email dawn@thinkitchangeit.com and we can get started today

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