It’s that time of year again where the A Level results are out.

It always reminds me of my results. I was ill for the last year of school and ended up taking my exams at home. I’ve always passed exams. I’ve never done really well but I’ve always passed.

This time I passed 2 and failed one.

I got into University through clearing and never looked back.

Because you see, you can never know where your future will take you.

Everything we do is a stepping stone but sometimes it’s hard to know where the next stone will be until you take the next step.

For me it felt like my world had ended not getting the grades I needed.

But actually it was a good lesson.

Often those doors that shut on us lead to another more interesting door opening.

In this case I met my husband. And started the most amazing life.

Think about it, if you look back on your life and think about those moments where everything seemed to go wrong…where it felt that doors were slamming in your face…if you were able to reach back and think about what other doors opened instead…what might you remember?

And knowing that it is often the case that things seem to happen for a reason, next time everything is looking grim, maybe you can remember those other times and find it easier to cope because you know it will all work out in the end.

Why not share your stories of one door closing and another opening in the comments? I would love to hear them.

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