15 Mindset Questions–try it out yourself

IMG_2699[1]A friend shared the following link with me the other day on 15 Questions to Ask Your Kids to Help Them Have Good Mindsets.

I decided to ask them to my daughter, who is 6. I also decided to answer them myself.

Maybe you would like to try? 

1. What five words do you think best describe you?

Daughter: Beautiful on the inside, Kind, Like playing, Don’t like seeing people upset, Like playing with friends

Me: Determined, amusing, caring, daft, impatient!

2. What do you love doing that makes you feel happiest?

Daughter: Playing with friends

Me: Hanging out with my daughter (also doing talks and helping clients)

3. What do you know how to do that you can teach others?

Daughter: Teach them how to be happy

Me: Teach them how to be happy!

4. What is the most wonderful/worst thing that ever happened to you?


Best – Snow and Sledging.

Worst – When I get shouted at.


Best – Having my daughter

Worst – Losing my son

5. What did you learn from the best/worst thing that’s happened to you?


Best – Be careful not to crash into trees

Worst – Shouldn’t be upset because mummy and daddy are looking after me


Best – I am capable of loving in a way I never thought was true.

Worst – It was not my fault and the Universe is not against me

6. Of all the things you are learning, what do you think will be the most useful when you are an adult?

Daughter: Be Kind. I don’t want to be a nasty bully when I grow up

Me: My clients and my family teach me stuff every day. I am not planning on growing up any time soon though Smile

7. If you could travel back in time three years and visit your younger self, what advice would you give yourself?

Daughter (really struggled with this one): Go to sleep. Don’t mess about

Me: It gets better.

8. What are you most grateful for?

Daughter: I feel grateful that I have you as parents

Me: Everything. I feel like such a lucky person.

9. What do you think that person feels?

We skipped this one because it didn’t make much sense.

10. What do you think your life will be like in the future?

Daughter: Amazing

Me: Amazing

11. Which of your friends do you think I’d like the most? Why?

Daughter: Josh, because we spend most time together

Me: I don’t care! Who I like is nobody else’s business

12. If you could grow up to be famous, what would you want to be famous for?

Daughter: Singing

Me: For writing a book that everyone can relate to and for helping people where others couldn’t

13. How would you change the world if you could?

Daughter: Everyone would like me and do everything for me! (Pretty much describes her life right now lol)

Me: I would stop people judging others.

14. How can you help someone today?

Daughter: Give them a great big hug.

Me: Smile

15. If you could make one rule that everyone in the world had to follow, what rule would you make? Why?

Daughter: Be friendly. I don’t want bullies in the world. I want everyone to be kind and helpful

Me: Stop believing you can read minds and live your life for you.

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