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"I de-hypnotise you out of behaviours that get in the way of your life"

What I do is a bit different. I can help you in as few as 2- 3 session in person or over Skype/Facetime. Yes really - even for your problems!  Get in touch to find out how. 

I am a Cognitive Hypnotherapist and my job is to help you with your problems.

To do that, I guide you to make the changes (that’s the Cognitive bit). I don’t tell you what to think. We are very different people. My thoughts will not help you with your problem. The session is like a normal counselling session where you have your eyes open and we talk. I get to the root of the problem while you answer my questions. I don’t expect you to understand why you have these problems, that is my job – to work that out with you.

90% of the time, your subconscious is in charge. When your subconscious is in charge, you don’t have access to your cognitive functions. So if we want to change stuff, we need to work with the subconscious to make the changes (that’s the Hypno bit). Once we have worked out where the “thing” comes from that has been causing you a problem, we work together to change it. This isn’t in the present, but in your memories. So you are effectively in a trance, even though you have your eyes open and are talking to me with full awareness.

Your problems come from your past experiences – from lessons learnt by your subconscious based on a primitive belief that if something hurts you, it will kill you. I guide you to reframe those experiences, to change the meaning in them so they don’t get in the way of your day to day life (that’s the Therapy bit). We change them at the subconscious level, so more and more you can remain present and in control of your reactions to stuff.

I have had 2 sessions with Dawn & she has completely changed my life. I have had a life long addiction to sweet things. In our 1st session Dawn identified the problem and helped me address this. I am now eating well and only eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full, instead of just shovelling food in as I used to. I enjoy my food now because I take time to taste it. I have a goal in mind and I know I will get there and stay there. I cannot recommend Dawn highly enough.

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Dr David Hamilton, Best Selling author

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